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Training Programs

PSAA provides training programs made according to rules and regulations of General Authority of Civil Aviation - GACA, Federal Aviation Administration - FAA, and other Aviation Authorities.

The following personnel can benefit from these programs:

Cockpit Crew: Captains, First Officers, Flight Engineers
Cabin Crew: In-Flight Supervisors, Pursers, Flight Attendants
Ground Personnel: Flight Dispatchers, Flight Ops. Officers, Crew Schedulers, Operations Planners

The trainee receives a program tailored to his immediate requirements and based upon his level of experience. Establishing and maintaining the necessary knowledge and proficiency levels of a flight crewmember ensures compliance with the standards established by GACA/FAA and the international airline governing agencies. The following definitions describe briefly the purpose of main programs conducted at the academy.

Initial Training
This training is designed for Flight Deck Crew, Cabin Crew, Dispatchers or any other Flight Operations Services personnel who have been newly hired, recruited from within the company, or are being promoted and required Initial Training.


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